17 March 2020

Homeschooling Suddenly: Science

For those of you who have rapidly become teachers, I'm breaking down my resources into their own posts. So whether you're in the market for a full curriculum, just a few unit studies to tide you over, or simply some freebies or discounted printables to get a little educational fun to your kids- here ya go!

Science Resources

Freebies, Shops, & Discounts
  • LittleSparkCompany - lots of great economical resources
  • Fiddlesticks Education - economical nature resources and a Google Drive of freebies
  • Love At Home Education shop FREEBIES and other economical resources
  • Raising Little Shoots nature FREEBIES
  • Stephanie Hathaway DesignsFREE printables and Etsy shop for economical resources
  • Green Urban Mama FREE nature downloads in her shop 
  • Life Abundantly - subscribe for an incredible library of FREEBIES and FREE CURRICULUM
  • Chickie And Roo - lots of great FREEBIES AND affordable mini units and nature studies
  • Crafty Classroom - freebies & resources with reading, spelling, writing, and science
  • Twig & Moth unique freebies, as well as her Etsy Shop (often with sales happening)
  • Tanglewood Hollow - beautiful nature freebies
  • Curious Kids Club - a FREE resource by Fiddlesticks Education, print out your "curiosity cabinet" and fill it with "jars" as you complete your challenges
  • LittleSparkCompany - lots of beautiful resources and 40% off (no code needed) through March
  • Wild Wednesday - FREE nature study each Wednesday from Firefly Nature School, follow their Instagram to see what each week's offering is, do one study per week! 
  • Adventure-in-a-Box - tons of resources for every subject & FREEBIES, $5 OFF (with code: HOMESCHOOL)
  • 1000 Hours Outside - challenge yourself to get you and your kiddos outside into the sanitizing sunshine! FREE tracker printable
  • Colorfulllstudy Human Body Organs and Water Cycle FREE activity sets and other economical learning resources!
  • The Masterpiece Studio - 3 FREE lessons, 50% off with code: STAYHOME in their shop through June, creatively learn about the globe, letters, numbers, books, art, food
  • Stories Begin at Home - cute FREEBIES including Scripture cards, spring board game, and crafts, affordable Etsy shop as well with Easter activities on sale!
  • #ColorOurCollections - over 100 museums and institutions have created FREE coloring pages to accompany their collections, REALLY neat, ranging from cute to historical to eclectic to anatomical 
  • Kinder Nature Beginnings Nature Journal (currently FREE) -a beautiful nature study journal, while geared towards our youngest learners, it's really great for any age
  • Keep Nature Wild - cute family-run shop, great FREE Earth/Earth Day focused coloring pages!
  • Nature Supply Co - in honor of Earth Day, they've released a series of eco-nature studies on various themes for $6 each, or all 5 for $25

  • AmblesideOnline - FREE K-12 full year curriculum in the the Charlotte Mason style, focusing on God and nature, provides a weekly schedule, booklist, and resources are linked to online, they've even included an Emergency Lesson Plan for those starting out quickly
  • Gentle & Classical Nature - Term 1 is FREE when you subscribe to her emails, she has additional accompanying resources for $27 (not required, but very beautiful), an upper elementary grammar pack for $13, curriculum is nature study based with poetry, art, habit training, French/Spanish vocab, booklist, science, Scripture, handicrafts. 
  • Kinder Nature Beginnings- Language Arts - $20, a gorgeous nature-based phonics curriculum, including poems, art, alphabet, cursive, copywork. We are using this for PreK/K and there's enough challenging material that it spans up to a great 1st/2nd grade phonics review too! She has a coordinating Nature Journal, Numbers, and Math curriculum too!
  • Exploring Nature with Children $18 - year long nature-based curriculum featuring nature walk, poetry, art, booklist suggestions, and extension activities
  • Blossom and Root - 30% off through end of April (with code: sprout30), full secular nature-based curriculums from toddler - 3rd grade, also affordable Book Seeds mini literature-based nature units that could be their own easy curriculum, full curriculum prices vary but the sale helps!

Science-specific Lesson Plans & Unit Studies
  • Firefly Nature School - fantastic unit studies & bundles at affordable prices 
  • Survival School $15 a 6-week course following Bear Grylls Adventure book series, featuring weekly/daily plans, youtube playlists, activities sheets, trivia games, additional resource list
  • Stephanie Hathaway Designs- economical unit studies and resources
  • Global Guardian Project - offering FREE membership, incredible access to courses, activities, art, recipes, and much more, learning how to care for the earth, endangered animals, and each other
  • Magic School Bus- Scholastic has FREE lesson plans available for each of their original MSB episodes (available on Netflix) and books! Perfect for science class and typically uses stuff you already have around the house. Amazon also has science kits you can order for many of the old and new tv show episodes!
  • Playful Learning- FREE online resources for every subject, FREE 30-day online trial access to lesson plans
  • Chickie And Roo - affordable mini units and nature studies
  • Spring Curriculum from Tanglewood Hollow- $20, nature based learning guide featuring songs, poems, art, garden activities and games, science, reading, cooking and recommended book list (she also has a Summer, Winter, and Autumn Curriculum!)
  • Willfully Serving His Kingdom - themed baking studies!  Fairy Tale Baking Study FREEBIE
  • The Little Oak Learning Club - ~$17/month monthly themed studies for 3-7 yros, includes nature exploration studies, games, discussion prompts, vocab, charts & logs, indoor & outdoor activities, animal profiles, and more
  • Milwaukee with Kids has put together two weeks of easy at home science experiments!
  • KiwiCo - a popular subscription box, is offering 15% OFF (with code: LEARN), most boxes are $25 but some are lower (and some bigger kits are higher) and no need to subscribe to pick up a single box
  • 15 Preschool Experiments - easy FREE list of experiments using household items
  • Sea World has a whole website dedicated to teacher resources, whether you're teaching at home or in a classroom

Fun Extras
  • Insect Lore - affordable at home science kits raising insects! Praying Mantis, Ladybugs, Caterpillars, or Ants!
  • Wild Child Chronicles $6.50/month you receive a monthly letter in the mail "from" Evie & Alexander, two children who go on outdoor adventures! Easy science lesson or nature study
  • Flower of the Month Club- $2/month you receive a digital flower study with coloring page, picture study, poem, and neat facts!
  • Virtual Animal Programs - Seneca Park Zoo is livestreaming book readings and then meet a related animal ambassador as well as a bunch of Virtual Animal Programs for a variety of grades!
  • Little Rock Zoo - FB live Keeper Talks 3pm ET daily through March 29
  • Cincinnati Zoo Home Safari - daily at 3 PM ET, live streaming on Facebook, the zoo highlights a new animal and activity worksheets you can do at home
  • Houston Zoo - FB live at 12noon ET Mon-Fri meet the animals
  • Live Safaris - let WildEarth take you along on their live daily safaris ~11:35pm ET
  • Philadelphia Zoo at 2 - Live Facebook stream of featured animals at 2pm each day
  • OSEARCH - home to great white shark research, twice weekly at 1pm ET Facebook live streaming Learn from Home series for various age levels, also they have 100s of FREEBIES on their website for all grade levels

Zoo Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips

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