10 October 2011

31 Days :: day 10- Kitchen Tools Tracker

Day 10:: Kitchen Tools Tracker
So today's list is about kitchen tools... you know, anything you use to cook & serve with! Well DH and I are pretty adamant about our cooking & baking products being made in the USA- anything that will be used for freezing or heating we try to be pretty strict about. Sometimes we bend, but definitely no "made in China" products for those purposes- don't want to chance lead or other icky materials being allowed in our cooking!!

Anyhoo, I keep this tracker in my Household Binder at the moment, though it will potentially get switched to my Kitchen Binder {looking at branching out my main binder... I'll share my binder towards the end of the month!} So here are the things I keep track of with this list...
  • Name- pretty self explanatory
  • Brand- again, self explanatory
  • DW- is it dishwasher safe?
  • Mic- is it microwave safe?
  • Frz- is it freezer safe?
  • Ovn- is it oven safe? (seeing a trend here? hehe)
  • Material- numbers are if it's a recyclable plastic, otherwise just whatever it's made from
  • Date- date purchased
  • Warranty- how long warranty is good for, if applicable
  • Made- the all important "where it was made"

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