26 October 2011

31 Days :: day 26- couponing list

Day 26:: Couponing List

So today's list is part of how I coupon! I'll share the list and explain how I use it, and the printable and a full explanation of my system is going to be in a future post :) So here's how it works...
  • product- what the coupon is for {an item, percentage/dollars off purchase, etc..}
  • type- my couponing system uses envelopes, so this column is for which envelope the coupon goes into
  • store- self explanatory :)
  • Wk 1-5- if you notice off to the right, I divide the current month into weeks and then write down when the coupon expires... this is useful so I can see quickly which coupons are expiring soon. I print a new list each month.
  • Other- if the coupon expires after the end of the current month, I simply write the date down in this column
I'm excited to soon share with you my whole couponing system... but for now, think of this as a teaser ;) Enjoy!

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RHome410 said...

Maybe you can talk me/teach me into couponing. I remember watching my mom spend time clipping coupons, but I've never been able to get into it. When I've tried it seemed so many coupons are for the name brands and still more expensive than store brands with the coupon. Maybe you know something about the process I don't, so I'll be reading to see... :-)