16 October 2011

31 Days:: day 16- Bible study bookmarks

Day 16:: Bible Study Bookmarks
Happy Sunday, all!!
Today's list is a crafty list :) I'm currently reading through the Bible in a year and I've chosen the chronological order- so it's the order of when things occurred historically and jumps around between books.

In order to keep track, I've created bookmarks with each day's reading on it, and broken up the reading into various bookmarks. I've listed the day's reading and a space to record which date I finished the reading on. It's a simple way to keep track of where I am in my readings. Every few days/weeks I get to pull out my next bookmark, and they're all different so it's fun :)

No printable today, but if you'd like a set, I'd be more than happy to put together a set for you via my Etsy shop!!

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RHome410 said...

Interesting! I'm intrigued with this approach, as I've never heard it done this way before. Cool!