30 October 2011

31 Days:: day 30- half monthly cleaning chart

Day 30:: Half Monthly Cleaning Chart
So today's list is essentially the other half of yesterday's list (no pun intended...). Today's list is my Half Monthly Cleaning Chart- aka. when I do a "half clean" or partial clean or quick clean of a room- essentially a tidy and quick wipe down. So currently I do a full clean of each room once a month {See yesterday's post} and a half clean three times a month- hence three columns for each month! Again, we're a household with no kids or pets, so we don't get as dirty as I'm sure we will one day, hehe ;) I'm working on a printable version for ya'll- with extra blank slots so you can fill in your own chores- and I'd be happy to customize this for your family too, if you'd like!

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