31 October 2011

31 Days :: day 31- shopping comparison chart & wrap up

Day 31:: Shopping Comparison Chart

So I do apologize for not including my Household 6 Binder today- it's not quite ready and I don't want to share a rushed/half done post! So instead I'm sharing another list, but don't worry, I'll be sharing my Household 6 Binder soon!!

So today's list... this is another tool I use in budgeting. I've started saving receipts for our groceries for the last month or so {and plan to continue doing so a bit longer} so that I can compare prices at our three most frequented grocery stores. It's useful to know where you get the most bang for your buck, and whether it's really worth the extra trip to another store depending if the price difference is only a few cents or a dollar or more!

In my example, I've already filled in my most frequented stores. The first column is for the grocery item {ie. milk, potatoes, eggs, egg beaters, etc.} and the narrower columns are for the prices. This way you can quickly scan across the stores and see which is the cheapest!

This is great for grocery comparison or also when shopping for Christmas or birthday gifts or any big purchase!

:: 31 Days Wrap Up ::
So I may not have been the most timely poster, but I did give you 31 total lists and the like! There's a few printables I still need to get up for you, and a few posts that I told you I'll be doing in the future, so I do hope you'll stick around and keep visiting me here! Thanks to everyone who has read my series, and I hope you've found it helpful :)

Here's a look at everything we've covered...

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