19 October 2011

31 Days :: day 18 & 19- gift buying & thank-you lists

Day 18:: Gift Buying List
So today's combined post picks up where the last post left off- gift buying. If you're like me, you tend to start Christmas shopping a little early, or at the very list, you likely buy various gifts from various stores. Well it's quite easy to forget everything you've bought so far and how much you've spent!

I ran into that problem last year, and so I created the Gift Buying List below! List your budget and name of the person you're gifting to, and then keep track of what you're gifting! There's also a column to check off once you've wrapped the gift and then once you've actually gifted the gift :)

Day 19:: Thank-You Card List
When a holiday or celebration rolls around, it's always nice to send thank-you cards- for gifts received on a birthday, for a helping hand friends might lend you when throwing a gathering, etc. Here's a great list to keep track of who & what was gifted and a place to check off once you've sent out the thank-you card! :)

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