29 October 2011

31 Days:: day 29- full yearly cleaning chart

Day 29:: Full Yearly Cleaning Chart

So looking back at my Monthly Cleaning Chart from Day 6, you'll have read how once a month I do a "full" cleaning of the various rooms in the house. Well today I'm sharing my "full" cleaning chart! It's pretty much a deep clean of everything. I print this list out once a year and put it in my Household 6 Binder {post to come Monday about that!}.

So you'll notice that there's some other things that are done a few times a year {ie. washing curtains, washing comforter, cleaning out & donating clothes, etc}. Those chores already have "X"s in the chart for the months that I don't need to do that chore. Now this list is a work in progress... it's tailored for our family {sans kids and pets, for now} and I'm still working out how often I really need to do different chores. I'll work on a printable for ya'll that has no "X"s so you can tailor this chart to your family! And I'll leave extra blank lines in each category so you can add various items that you need to do. We usually live in military housing, so some chores are taken care of for us by maintenance.

Anyhoo, here ya go! It's pretty straight forward. If you have any questions, just leave a comment and a way for me to get back to you :) I'd also love to customize this as a printable for your family with your chores if you'd like!!

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