01 October 2011

31 days of Lists and the Like:: day 1- in the beginning

Day 1:: in the beginning

Hey ya'll! So I know I've let this blog go a bit the past few months, but that's all about to change :) I've decided to take up The Nester's challenge of 31 days of change! Bloggers across blogland are joining in with their own 31 day series, and mine is entitled "31 days of Lists and the Like."

I have lots of lists and the like that I've been wanting to share for some time- lists about...
  • organizing
  • bills & budgeting
  • family life
  • vacations
  • blogging
  • cleaning
  • Bible study
  • and more!
Some are in the form of planners, some are crafty lists {like lists in the form of bookmarks!}, and all will be printables! I'll be sharing lists I've used in the past and lists I use now. So stay tuned throughout the month because October is 31 days of Lists and the Like :)

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