15 October 2011

Happy Autumn- Easy DIY Paper Pumpkins

how cute are these, right?! hehe... I love making these little pumpkins- so super quick and easy, and great easy kids craft too!


  • orange cardstock
  • green card stock
  • green wire (could use curling ribbon, twine, etc too!)

(1) cut out a bunch of circles
(2) fold 'em all in half
(3) glue them together
(4) cut the bottom a little, so the pumpkin has a flat surface to stand up on
(5) add a stem and some wire vines (or I've made them with paper).

Happy Autumn ya'll :)

P.S. I'll be back later today with some 31 Days of Lists the Like!! I know I'm a bit backlogged... eeep!

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