27 October 2011

31 Days :: day 27- pantry inventory

Day 27:: Pantry Inventory

Today's list is a pantry inventory! Now this is what has worked for me in two of our last three homes- bins & baskets! We've either had large wire racks in the utility room or a really deep cabinet for our pantries and so we've needed some extra organization help in the form of bins/boxes/baskets. So when it comes to keeping track of what food we have on hand, my list includes a spot for what bin number the food is in! If you have bins that are labeled in your pantry, you could also just put down the name of the bin- ie. perishables, soups, etc. Whatever works for you! :)

I'll be doing a "before and after" post of our current pantry! It's a really tall and realllly deep cabinet {it's a built-in unit in our current Army housing}. So when we moved in, I knew we'd need some sort of organization system so we'd be able to reach items in the back of the pantry. So keep an eye out for that post in the future ;)

So how this list works...
  • box- what box/bin/basket number {or name} the designated item is in
  • item- the item at hand :) ie. spelt flour, elbow pasta, black beans, etc
  • #- how many of that item there is, useful if you have duplicates, like we always have a few cans of beans on hand and a few boxes of pasta, this is great for noting when you're running low and need to stock up on staples or seeing if you need to buy an extra box of something for a recipe you plan on making!
  • expire- expiration date

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