11 October 2011

31 days :: day 11- Appliance Tracker & Service Record

Day 11:: Household Appliance Tracker & Service Record
So today's list piggybacks off yesterday's list... today's list is a Household Appliance Tracker. Simply used for keeping track of warranty, brand, and model info regarding all of our more expensive home appliances- namely ones that may need to be serviced once in a while. It will also come in handy when we want to replace said items one day- when we go shopping we can bring this list along to remember which brands we did or didn't like. There's a secondary list today- it's a service record for said appliances. Easy way to keep track of when & where items were serviced, including a notes section so you can jot down what was fixed and if you liked the repair shop or not.

I keep this tracker in my Household Binder, and here are the things I keep track of with these lists...
Appliance Tracker::
  • Name- what appliance it is
  • Brand- brand name
  • Model- model name
  • From- where did you buy it? if it was a gift, I note "gift"
  • Date- date bought, if it was a gift, I note the year and that it was a gift
  • Warranty- how long and if it's limited or full warranty
Service Tracker ::
  • Name- which appliance was serviced
  • Date- date it was serviced
  • Location- Repair shop name
  • Cost- hopefully "N/A" if under warranty :)
  • Notes- notes about the part repaired and any notes regarding the repair shop

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