15 October 2011

31 Days :: day 13, 14, 15- Autumn Projects, Thanksgiving Menu & Shopping List

Hey all!!
So I've been a bit of a 31 Day delinquent... sorry :( I hope you'll forgive me! This is apparently also my "31 days of getting better with blogging!" Bear with me though, today I come bearing THREE (3) great Autumn lists :)

Day 13:: Autumn Project Tracker
So autumn is a time of change around the house... some people opt to take screens out of their windows and store them away during cooler weather, you've got autumn decor to set out, perhaps do some "autumn cleaning" {like spring cleaning... but in autumn!} hehe... you know the drill. Or maybe your kids have a new fall sport and you've taken to volunteering to bring refreshments or help out at school... regardless of what your autumn looks like, it's bound to have a few projects to keep track of- so here's a little tracker for ya :) Super simple and super festive!

Day 14:: Thanksgiving Menu
So if you're like me, you like to have everything in a list... including large meals you may be hosting for Thanksgiving! I even used this list recently for an Autumn Feast we had with friends :) I find it very useful to plan what should be cooked when {ie. if two dishes cook at the same temperature, I can put them in at the same time} and how far in advance I need to start cooking everything! I also use the notes section to list out the order I'm going to cook everything in... I'll be putting out a new version of this soon that includes a slot for "temperature" and "#" for listing out what order to cook the dishes in :)
  • category- main dish, side dish, dessert, etc.
  • recipe- the name of the dish
  • source- cookbook name, magazine name, recipe binder name, or simply "recipe card"
  • pg- page number in the designated source
  • time- time to prep/ cook (I usually jot down the cooking temperature in this section too)
  • serves- how many does the recipe serve? this is useful so you know if you should double, triple, half the recipe

Day 15:: Thanksgiving Grocery List
And here's the final list list for today's autumn-themed group post- Thanksgiving Grocery List! While I'm putting together the Thanksgiving Menu {above}, I jot down what ingredients I need on the grocery list. I've included the major categories where I shop (ie. being a vegetarian, I don't have a "meat" category here)... I group in any oddball ingredients at the bottom of a section or just put a star next to it, so I know to look in another section of the store for it. If you'd like a customized grocery list, just send me an email! I could tailor this to include your major shopping categories :D

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