03 October 2011

31 days :: day 3- bill paying monthly tracker

Day 3:: Bill Paying Monthly Tracker

Today's topic of lists is that of my BPMT list: Bill Paying Monthly Tracker. This is kept in my "Household 6 Binder" aka. my Home Management Binder. I'll share that in a future post ;) Below is an image of the system I use now (I'll share it as a printable tomorrow... having computer problems tonight!)

Here is how I use my BPMT...
  • the tracker is broken down into End Of Month pay, Mid-Month Pay, and extras
  • bills due on the 7th-21st of the month come out of EOM pay
  • dills due on the 22nd-end of month and 1st-6th of the month come out of MM pay
  • "extras" consist of church tithing, charity donations, money transferred into savings, etc.
  • first row - the date that the bill is due
  • second row - what bill it is
  • each month is broken down into two rows... the first row is the date I paid the bill on and the second row is how much the bill was

Tomorrow I'll be sure to post a blank tracker for you to use if you like this method! And now that you've seen how I track bills now, a future post will be about past trackers and how I arrived at this current tracker, which has been working for over a year now- so I think I finally found a keeper!!

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