25 October 2011

31 Days:: day 20, 21, 22- packing/moving lists {3 ways}

Day 20, 21, 22:: Packing/Moving Lists {3 ways}
So our family recently moved from the northeast to the deep south- quite the road trip! This was our first major move with the Army, and I wanted to be prepared, so I created an extensive packing list/trip planner.

I used all three pages since we were packing up and moving our whole house, but you can use any of them individually for a vacation or use a few of them for a big move! In the printables I've provided, the list names are all "Travel Packing List" {PCS is the Army term for moving to a new post!}. The last two lists I used to account for household items we needed for the move- pots and pans, air mattress, extra towels- things we need once we're in our new home while we waited for our household goods to arrive from the movers, etc.

.: List elements :.
  • travel days/tty days/leave days:: the latter are Army terms essentially for paid vacation days and unpaid days :) On the blank printables I've provided, I left the last two areas blank, so you can fill in your own important travel info!
  • Needed:: jot down the number of that item you think you'll need { ie. 5 pairs of pants}, great for those of us who like to plan ahead or so you get an idea of how much laundry you might need to do before you go so you have all the needed clothes ;)
  • Packed:: jot down the number of that item that you actually put in the suitcase!
  • Unpacked/Repacked:: jot down the number of that item that you put back into your suitcase when you're getting ready to come home {make sure you're not leaving anything behind!}
  • Travel Plans:: jot down what days you'll be where- useful if you're doing a longer road trip or if you're going to different amusement parks throughout your trip, etc.
  • Weather:: if you're doing a longer road trip, you may need different types of clothing for different weather {ie. when we went from the cold north to the hot south}, or if they're calling for rain for half your trip- this is a useful place to make note of different types of clothing you may need to pack!
  • Checklist/Lists:: jot down any errands you may need to run before you leave, household chores {ie. water the plants!} or plans you need to make before a move

.: Printables :.

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