17 October 2011

31 Days :: day 17- Gifting List

Day 17:: Gifting List
Today's list is a Gifting List- a great place to keep track of friends and family's birthdays, anniversaries, clothing sizes, favorite colors, etc. Bring this list with you when you go shopping so you have all the info you need on hand in order to pick out the perfect gift for your loved one! Fill in the person's favorite store so you can get the perfect gift card for a special occasion!

The printable includes a few blank spots- fill in any other important dates to remember about that person or any other favorite things. :)

1 comment:

April said...

I just bought a birthday book last week, and have enjoyed writing all the bdays and anniversaries into it; hopefully it will HELP!
I love your lists....thanks for stopping by my blog today.

Is your hubby military? My brother is--it presents a few challenges, right?

Have a blessed day.