12 October 2011

31 days :: day 12- Wrapping & Gift Closet Inventory

Day 13:: Gift Wrapping & Gift Closet Inventories
Today I'd like to share my Gift Closet and my Gift Wrapping storage station. I store them together- both items that I've saved to gift to people, and wrapping supplies to package up said gifty items! I'm sharing the two ways that I've stored my Gift Closet- first is in a storage bin and second is in a hanging shoe/sweater storage piece. Being in the Army, we move around a lot and also we don't ever know how big our next home will be- so our Gift Closet & Wrapping Station is on the smaller side... one day I dream of an entire actual closet for such purposes :)

Now my Gift Closet consists of two main types of items-
  • Re-Gifting:: items that I was gifted that weren't quite my style, duplicates of things I already have, raffle items won, free gifts with purchase, etc.
  • New:: items that I've bought for a particular person that I'll be gifting at a later date {future birthday, Christmas, etc.}
And it's always good to know what I have and what I've bought so that I don't re-buy something, or go buy something new when I have the perfect gift already in my stash! So here's what I have on the Gift Closet Inventory...
  • gift :: short description of the gift
  • occasion :: useful if it's occasion-specific {ie. wedding, Christmas, etc} or if I've bought it intentionally for a person for a specific holiday
  • from :: who the gift was originally from {useful in the event of re-gifting}
  • to :: who a gift might be for if it's a re-gift, or who I intentionally bought the gift for

Up next is my Gift Wrapping Inventory. Now if you're anything like me, you save all boxes, ribbon, and tissue paper that is salvageable. I like to reuse items- both to save me money and to save the environment a bit. So I have a central place to store all my wrapping items. I also need a way to keep track of all the items that I already have... in comes my inventory list!

It's pretty straight forward...
  • tissue :: all tissue paper
  • boxes/bins :: all gift boxes, also included is any random gift wrap paper or certificate holders... anything that doesn't fit in the other categories I've listed here
  • ribbons :: all ribbons and bows

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