25 October 2011

31 Days :: day 23, 24, 25- Vacation Lists

Day 23, 24, 25:: Vacation Lists
These are two lists that I used while planning and while on our recent vacation to Disney. I plan on sharing a lot more of my "Disney lists" either later in this Lists & More series or after!! We are true Disney fans and have been blessed with being able to visit there every year for our honeymoon & subsequent anniversaries. Anyhoo, onward with the lists! All printables are in generic teal colors {not Disney colors ;) }

List One:: Vacation Budget {blank printable here}
So when we go on vacation, I like to have our savings account stocked with how much we're planning on spending. I use our credit card so we earn frequent flyer miles, but then pay off the bill as soon as we get home from vacation- since we already have the money in savings! This is what works for us, but it's also important to stay roughly within our budget. So here's how this budget works...
  • Title- the categories of spending {transportation, lodging, tickets, food, and extras}, the food area I break down into each day's breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack spending
  • Paymt- "payment," aka. how we pay for the expense, this way if we break up any spending onto different credit cards, I can make sure all cards get paid off upon our return home from vacation
  • Estimate- this is how I make sure we have enough is savings to cover our trip, I usually round up a bit so leave some padding in the budget... I'll go into the in-depth planning behind Disney {and how you can tailor it to your vacation anywhere!} in future posts
  • Actual- important note:: I bring this budget with me on vacation. At the end of each day, or every other day, I gather up receipts and see how much we actually spent on the various categories.
  • Ovr/Unr- "Over/Under," aka. I take the difference between the Estimate cost and the Actual cost and put that in this column {again during vacation ~each day}. At the end of each day, I have a total of how much our total vacation is over or under budget, and I record this at the bottom {where it says D1, D2- aka. Day 1, Day 2...}. This helps us be aware if we need to cut back on say souvenir spending in order to keep in line with our budget ;)
  • Notes- well, for any notes :) on mine I take note of where we're going each day of our trip, any discounts/coupons available for lodging or activities, etc.

List Two:: Vacation to-do list {blank printable here}
So as you can see, this example is currently tailored to Disney, and I've broken it down into the different parks and areas around Disney World. The blank printable has the title "Things to Do and See on Vacation" with blank categories so you can fill them in! This would be a great place to jot down what you want to do each day, or things to see at different stops along your trip, etc.

List Three:: Vacation Meal Planner {blank printable here}
Well just because you're on vacation doesn't mean you can't plan your meals! This is especially useful if you'll be eating out a lot and need to keep track of reservations. Also if you want to make sure you're balancing eating out and eating in, this would be useful to keep track which days are which! Or if you're going camping, you can set up your meal plans using this!

You can see the printable version below as well as how I implemented it on our most recent trip to Disney. A few things I included....
  • where we went each day of the trip
  • restaurant names
  • reservation numbers
  • reservation times
  • evening shows & times at various parks {aka. where we were going after dinner!}

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