01 October 2015

31 Days: Walt Disney World with Young Kids

Hey all!
So I'm doing the Write 31 Days challenge again this year! This year, I'll be writing specifically about going to Disney World with young children. Our oldest as been to Disney at 8 months old, 17 months old, 20 months, 2.5 yrs old. I'll be bringing you along on my journey as I plan a trip with both our kiddos- for my youngest's first trip, they'll be 11 months & 3.5 yrs old, and then again shortly thereafter at 13 months & almost 4 yrs old!

Some of these trips have been sans their Daddy, since his Army schedule doesn't always allow it. Those trips I tag along with my parents while they're visiting Disney! So some of my posts will center around flying solo with wee ones- tips that can be useful no matter the location of your final destination! We've also road tripped to Disney, 12 hours one way, when our oldest was 2.5 yrs old- so I'll also have some road trip tips, great for no matter where you're headed!

Some posts will be quick tips, and some posts will delve a bit deeper into topics. Some posts will even be great for going to Disneyland too! Below is an outline of what you can expect to see throughout the month- I hope I'll see you here :)

Walt Disney World Overview
Planning Timeline
Deciding Where to Stay
Dining Reservations
MyMagic+: your ticket to the 'World
Disney Planner
Holiday Events at Disney
Disney with Kids Websites

Family Movie Nights
Disney Planner
Disney Crafting
Disney Countdown

Dollar Spot Your Way to Disney
Disneybounding: character-inspired outfits
Packing List
Packing Tips: Solo Edition (flying solo with wee ones)

Flying Solo: Snacks, Toys, and more!
Road Trip! Planning
Road Trip! Packing
Road Trip! Eating
Road Trip! Playing

To Nap or Not to Nap
Get Out & Play (where wee ones can burn off some steam in the parks)
Baby Care Centers
Park-friendly Snacks & Meals
Meeting the Characters
Tinkerbell Gifts
Capture the Memories

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Unknown said...

On our first trip to Walt Disney World, my kids were 10 months, 23 months, and 11 years. They're now 10, 12, and 20...and we live near the Most Magical Place on Earth! I'm sure you'll have loads of great tips to share with families traveling with little ones, and your kiddos are making great memories by growing up Disney! °o°

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